Organizations are adopting new technologies at a rapid pace requiring testing and quality assurance teams to develop new strategies that allow for faster go-to-market and unified customer experiences. NewportGlobal provides end-to-end testing services for SAP projects that are geared towards ensuring that the configuration of your SAP system complies with the business requirements defined during blueprint phases.

We have standard SAP testing methodology, automation framework, metrics and measurements, test management, guidelines and checklists to jump start an engagement. To accelerate continuous improvement and maximize ROI, NewportGlobal also leverages our reusable test library to accommodate business changes and performance management for technical upgrades and enhancements.

Our SAP testing service offerings include:

  1. Validation & Verification: End-to-end QA services including business flow mapping, data migration and validation. This includes all RICEFW items (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms and Workflows)
  2. Upgrades Testing: Perform upgrade analysis and verify functional /technical upgrade
  3. Patch Testing: Verify impact on patch updates and perform regression testing
  4. Integration Testing: Test on the interfaces, data and nightly feeds (if any)
  5. Maintenance Testing: Perform continuous regression for ongoing releases and maintenance
  6. Security Testing: Verify vulnerabilities due to interfaces with other business applications, orchestrations and work flows, nodes etc.
  7. Performance Testing: Validate that the necessary infrastructure is in place to support the SAP system to perform at the expected optimal levels, even under stressful circumstances.

Utilizing quality management tools, NewportGlobal helps to keep applications reliable and at top performance. These tools enable you to adapt to change quickly, intuitively, and cost-effectively by applying a testing strategy that supports your organization throughout the entire life cycle of your SAP applications:

  1. SAP Quality Center (QC) and Quick Test Professional (QTP) from HP
  2. SAP TAO (Test Acceleration and Optimization)
  3. Test Data Migration Server (TDMS)
  4. SAP Performance Center from HP