Advanced Visualization

Advanced Visualization, Dashboards & KPI’s are at the heart of what we do in our Analytics Practice.  Once the design and architecture are received, a POC (proof of concept) or POT (proof of technology) application is developed. The proof of concept is a prototype, which shows that the proposed big data solution and technology stack will serve your requirements. In such phase, the application’s small scale version or a specific module is tested and implemented. We set goals, measure, implement and as well as evaluate the outcomes of POC.

  • Our team can explore and staff, implement and use as many UI tools as possible.
  • There are so many there but the main ones that we can find relevant professionals for are Tableau, Qlikview (+sense), BI4 (used to be business objects), Sisense, Microstrategy, SSRS (Reporting services) and many more.
  • Our experts can help create predefined solutions that will be offered on top of existing solutions.