Seamless Rapid Upgrade Methodology (SRUM) for the best optimized upgrades.

NewportGlobal Technologies provides services to steer a customer’s SAP installation to the next version. Some of the typical upgrade activities include

  • Analysis of upgrade requirements
  • Formulation of the upgrade strategy
  • Baseline technical upgrade
  • Upgrade of customizations
  • Validation of interfaces and reports
  • Unit test and system test of upgraded application
  • Creation of system environment for the new version
  • Data migration
  • Delta training in the new version
  • Execution and implementation of testing plans
  • Project management

Approach Methodology

"SRUM (Seamless Rapid Upgrade Method) is a rapid, cost-effective SAP upgrade service tailored to your organization's unique needs. Reducing the total cost by 25% compared to traditional upgrade method."

What is SRUM?

SRUM is a well-defined and proven approach to address SAP upgrade needs head on, giving organizations a rapid and effective upgrade to the latest SAP technology, so that they meet the current needs of the business, while offering them some breathing space as they gear up for larger, more ambitious transformational change programs.

How can SRUM help?

While alternative upgrade services may be too broad in scope, or too technically focused, NewportGlobal' s SRUM Upgrade strikes exactly the right balance, delivering a tightly defined, customized, business- focused SAP upgrade with precise estimates of time, cost and resource requirements before start of the actual project.

SRUM offers end-to-end solution that connects all Work Packages (Steps) in an SAP upgrade project into an integrated environment and offers an easy-to-realize dashboard view of the following stages.