SAP Implementation

End-to-end SAP implementation, rollout, support and training

For an end-to-end SAP implementations across diverse industries, NewportGlobal Technologies has developed a unique methodology called SSIM (Seamless SAP Implementation methodology) which follows a consistent business-process and phase-oriented approach. NewportGlobal offers SAP implementation and rollout services to customers who propose to extend their existing SAP environment to other organization functions, locations and processes. Our global team understands the special requirements that go into implementation of add-on functional modules in an existing SAP environment. Our implementation consulting teams adopt robust processes and methodologies to ensure that implementations and rollouts of additional modules are well-managed, expeditious and cause minimum disruption to normal operations.

Implementation Services comprise

  • Feasibility study, analysis and planning for implementation
  • Business process re-engineering and configuration
  • Custom development
  • Testing
  • Training and acceptance
  • Change management
  • Post implementation support

Rollout services include

  • Template rollout to geographies
  • Process mapping country extensions
  • Configuring country extensions
  • Custom developments for country extensions
  • Additional module rollouts and also training and development
  • Deployment through change management
The rollout methodology focuses on business processes based on the global template process. Along with accelerators and templates, our methodology reduces time spend on configuration and development activities.