SAP HANA is an innovative in-memory computing platform available to power SAP Business One.

The next-generation of analytics

SAP HANA is an innovative in-memory computing platform available to power SAP Business One. The software allows businesses to capture and analyse information across all applications, unleashing the potential of big data. Thanks to SAP HANA, large amounts of information can be processed in a fraction of the time, delivering real-time analytics, transactions, forecasting and unprecedented insight across your business.

Is SAP HANA right for your company?

It’s a common myth that SAP HANA is primarily suitable for big businesses, with vast amounts of data to process. When in fact, the solution can benefit any business, in any industry, offering information and insight in real time and unlocking the ability to improve company processes and profitability. HANA enables small and medium sized businesses to innovate and grow, whilst cutting down on IT complexities. So if your company would benefit from better oversight across its operations, SAP HANA could be the solution for you. Plus, adoption of SAP Business One on the HANA platform, as opposed to an SQL server, is futureproofing your company’s technological infrastructure.

What are the benefits of implementing SAP HANA?

Did you know less than 1% of today’s data is being turned into business benefits? This is just one of many areas where SAP HANA can help! • Dramatically improved responsiveness of planning, sales, production, and financial processes • Faster business insight, reporting and data for improved decision-making • Reduced IT ownership costs • Improved cash flow and visibility over inventory • Reports that used to take days or hours to run and compile now take only minutes, if not seconds • Up to 2,000 times faster intercompany reconciliations and 100 times faster query performance • Flexible deployment in the cloud, with access anytime, anywhere • Bring big data down to size and quickly uncover hidden business opportunities • Reimagine business processes to focus on the most essential tasks • Predict and simulate to stay ahead of the competition The SAP HANA platform can save an organization 37% across hardware, software, and labour costs. - Forrester Report, Projected Cost Analysis of the SAP HANA Platform
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