Increase agility and better adapt to changing customer demands and market behavior, with real time data.

SAP’s industry-leading Analytics solutions are second to none and NewportGlobal is expertly positioned to help you maximize the business benefits of the most integrated and widely deployed set of complementary BI tools in the industry. NewportGlobal has the SAP expertise and delivery capability that allows you to realize the benefits of big data regardless of location (SAP and non-SAP alike) or condition (transactional, consolidated or aggregated). We can empower your people with self-service access to data and visualizations they need to identify patterns, uncover trends, share insights and make faster, more informed decisions. As an experienced player in the SAP Analytics arena, NewportGlobal is the partner to help you evaluate and realize the most meaningful benefits of SAP Analytics and big data. NewportGlobal can help you unlock the power of BI with SAP Analytics. Not only can we assist in navigating the licensing process to identify the right solution, we can stick with you through implementation to ensure project success.
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