Integrate business processes and databases from a number of sources by exploiting the leading web services technologies.
NetWeaver is an open integration and application platform that can adapt to existing IT infrastructure and allow you to more effectively align people, information and processes. NetWeaver makes your IT infrastructure more adaptable to business change and the benefits of these solutions are huge and include being able to quickly adapt business requirements into real solutions and reduce the TCO of your IT infrastructure. NewportGlobal Technologies can help with design and implement NetWeaver solutions for your organization using Net Weaver’s key components, such as - SAP Enterprise Portal (EP), SAP Business Intelligence (BI), Exchange Infrastructure (XI) and Master Data Management (MDM) – With SAP technology changing rapidly, NetWeaver will serve as the foundation for Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA), making it the link between all future SAP solutions. That means enterprises must develop a strategy for leveraging and deploying NetWeaver right now.
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